Turning Martial Arts into Martial Science

IMAS Kung Fu is in incredibly effective and time tested form of self defence for women. A major difference in self-defence for women and self-defence for men is the potential aggressor. While men are usually attacked by strangers, research has shown that in 75% of cases of violence against women, the attacker is someone they already know. Although women are advised not to walk out late at night and to avoid other similarly dangerous areas, the truth is that normal everyday life could be potentially just as dangerous.

Self-defence starts with small things

The motivation to take a self-defence class is the same for most women: They don’t want to be the victim of the type of aggressor too often seen in news bulletins. But there is a lot more to self-defence than simply avoiding physical conflict. Self-defence means personal defence in all situations, including so-called “harmless”, everyday situations. Defence, for example, against sexist-jokes or repeated interruption when talking. Defence against men who challenge women’s personal boundaries by staring at them or making shameless or lewd comments.

Listen to your intuition.

Although they possess an early warning system that alerts them to potential danger, many women don’t know how to react in situations such as those mentioned above. Everyone, however, has an inbuilt warning system. It is called intuition and it warns of many things, including critical and dangerous situations. All too often, though, the “logical” brain overrides this system whilst an ingrained, conservative upbringing may stop a woman from being “rude” in uncomfortable situations. The IMAS Self Defence Syllabus develops and refines that inbuilt intuition and shows you how to use it as your first line of defence in a potentially hazardous situation.

Benefits of Our Programs

The benefits of this program can be realised every day, not just in extreme situations. Assertiveness and self control under stress are invaluable life-skills for every day of your life.

  • Increased Confidence
  • Sense of Empowerment & Self Control
  • Increased Self-Esteem & Assertiveness
  • Stress Release
  • Personal Self-Defence
  • Less Intimidated by Others and Situations
  • Increased Focus & Effectiveness at Work
  • Improved Communication Skills
  • Positive learning environment
  • Ability to Remain Calm, Think Clearly During Stress or Crisis
  • Goal Setting

IMAS Self Defence helps tuning in to the senses

IMAS Self Defence for women is a matter of tuning into the senses. If the senses send danger warnings, the next step of the concept follows automatically: Direct speech and body language are used to dissolve the problem at the outset. Only when those measures don’t help are Wing Chun techniques used to end the conflict swiftly and efficiently.

Anybody can Learn Wing Chun

The system uses natural movements and no pre-acquired, basic knowledge is necessary.

Wing Chun students develop a new feeling for their body and the system brings awareness of their inherent strength. Self-esteem is heightened and a deeper sense of security is attained through partner training. In role-play, perception is increased and Wing Chun techniques are used to provide conflict solutions. As an IMAS student, you will learn optimal use of your body in defending yourself against stronger people. You will also learn how to relax and how to use the power of an attack against the attacker.