Vik Hothi
Vik HothiChief Instructor
Sifu Vik is the longest serving practitioner of Wing Tsun in the UK , completing the whole Wing Tsun system. and is the most experienced instructor in the practical use of the art, both in the competitive arena and on the ‘street’, having worked as a Door Supervisor for a number of years.
Sunny Riyat
Sunny RiyatCo-Founder
Dai Si Hing Sunny has been a private student of the Chief Instructor Vik Hothi for over 8 years, benefiting from a whole range of the Chief Instructor’s knowledge and skills ranging from all different types of martial arts, with a particular focus on Wing chun Kung Fu.
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Our Valuable Team Members

Cliff Alderson
Cliff AldersonSenior Advisor
Sifu Cliff has been practising Wing Chun since 1983. He has also trained in Shotokan karate and Five Ancestors kung fu. He currently teaches Wing Chun, Qi Gong, meditation & fitness.
Inderpal Kalayan
Inderpal KalayanInstructor
Bio coming soon…
Harmit Riyat
Harmit RiyatInstructor
Harmit Riyat began studying the art of Wing chun at the tender age of eight and has been under Dai Sifu Vik’s tuition and guidance for over 10 years. After years of hard work and dedication, Harmit recently saw himself become Dai Sifu Vik’s first technician student in the IMAS organisation.
Savi Sandhu
Savi SandhuInstructor
At the age of 13 Savi began training in the art of Freestyle Olympic Wrestling which he trained in for just over two years. He soon realised that he actually needed a Martial Art which was more effective and efficient in real life self defence situations on the street.
Jamie Baxter
Jamie BaxterInstructor
Jamie Baxter has been a student at IMAS for over 8 years learning many different systems through his journey but the main focus on Wing Chun. Coming from a semi-professional sporting background Jamie wanted to develop his skill as an accomplished Wing Chun practitioner and gain the ability to be able to pass on his knowledge through coaching and instructing.