Turning Martial Arts into Martial Science

Private lessons are a great way to develop your skills in WingChun quickly and efficiently. Accelerate your way through our programs, work on weak areas or take your skills to the next level by training with the source – Dai Sifu Vik or from one of the other qualified instructors in the organization.

Hear what others have to say about the sessions…

“…initially I was unsure about taking private instruction as I thought ‘how much better can it be than the class, do I have the time, not to mention it being a sizeable investment. Well, I decided to take the plunge and block booked 10 sessions (with which I got a reasonable discount) all I can say is WOW! Dai Sifu (Vik Hothi) is an even more impressive instructor on a one to one basis. He has truly mastered and internalized the system and is able to convey it like no other. I was able to work through 2 grades within my 10 (specifically crafted) sessions and had people in the class scratching their heads, wandering how I got so good so quick – Thank you Dai Sifu! If you haven’t tried one yet – book yourself in with the main man or one of other, equally qualified instructors and move to the next level.”

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