A Modern Approach to Traditional Martial Arts

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Adults  Classes
Boost your self defence skill, make new friends and greatly improve your general well-being.
Perfects for ages, shapes and sizes.

Kids Classes
Help your child improve their self confidence, respect, discipline and stay active.

Family Membership
Special offers available for family membership. Inspire each other and develop new skills.


IMAS Wing Chun aims to enhance the lives of our students through martial arts and mindful movement practice.

Our objective is to assist every student in discovering ways in which to lead a happier and healthier life. We provide a number of classes throughout the week for Kids, Youth and Adults.

We believe that what we have to offer in our classes is truly unique and lots of fun, we are so confident about what we have to offer that you are welcome to a free trial class.

No obligations, complimentary free trial.

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